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"Bob and I are still giddy over everything. You were a great help before the ceremony and performed an incredible service. We both were a bit teary eyed from all the wonderful things being shared.

Everything you provided was much appreciated! Your willingness to work with our flightiness and how you just went along with our requests made the whole experience much more enjoyable for us. We both had this picture of a stodgy ordeal we wanted to avoid. You really made it very natural and sweet. We were very emotional throughout the rest of the day.

Thanks so much again!"

Amir Fatemi & Bob Davidson Married July 2020 

Chevy Chase, MD

"When my husband died after a long and difficult illness, I had three great hopes for a memorial service for him:

1.  A gathering of friends at sunrise in a quiet woodland setting;

2.  A tribute video featuring his finest achievements set against a gentle and sensitive composition for harp and oboe – a piece we had both loved;

3.  Someone who could conduct the proceedings with kindness, sincere warmth, and assuring wisdom. 


The first two items had been on my mind for quite a while, and came together wonderfully. But as for the final and most important of my three wishes – finding someone who could bring the kind of dignity, honor, and sensitive goodness I envisioned – there was only one person I could think of; only one person I knew who would have the personal qualities I felt I had to have for this most important occasion. And that person was Dan Furmansky – the same fellow who had officiated with charm, wit, and warmth at our wedding ceremony four years prior. 


I didn’t know if Dan would feel inclined to take on such a weighty task - what could be more daunting than a memorial service? - but I asked him anyway, hoping for the best. To my deepest gratitude, Dan not only agreed to officiate the service, but also spent several planning sessions with me so that the service that evolved from our combined ideas went above and beyond my fondest hopes. Drawing from many sources, there were memories, stories, readings, group participation, and exactly the right music. It was spellbinding. As one of my close friends confided to me afterwards, “That was the most sublime and moving memorial service I have ever experienced. I doubt I will ever again participate in something so incredibly, wonderfully beautiful. I can hardly find words to tell you how glad I felt to have been there.”


For as long as I live, the memory of that remarkable event will warm my heart. Thank you, Dan Furmansky."

Larry Mann

Memorial service for his husband, Bill Dukstein

May 2017, Fort Hunt Park, Virginia


"We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding officiant. Dan approached our ceremony with a well-developed process, which captured the unique and beautiful elements of our relationship, resulting in a personal, deeply meaningful, individually-tailored service. Friends who attended our wedding said that the ceremony itself (not the fantastic three-day party wrapped around the wedding) was the best part of our wedding weekend. We are so grateful for Dan’s professionalism, expertise and care.."

Margot Hoerrner & Jeff Pulford
Married April 2017

Wolftrap Farm, Virginia


"Dan was an integral part of the planning of our wedding ceremony. We came to him with half-formed thoughts and visions of a marriage ceremony, and Dan gave us structure and advice and helped us to craft a perfect evening. It was nothing short of alchemy. His guidance and expertise allowed us to hone in on a ceremony that hit all of the notes we wanted to hit. He was truly a fantastic partner throughout the entire process.


On the day of the ceremony, Dan's poise and utterly unflappable presence was contagious; ensuring that no-one had anything to worry about. He rewarded our trust in him tenfold, allowing us to focus on ourselves without worrying if the ceremony was on track. Our perfect evening was perfect in large part because of his stewardship!


As a final note, Dan is a wonderful person. He is kind and funny, with a warm note of encouragement or a quick joke at the ready whenever they're needed. While his skill-set as an officiant and master of ceremonies was top-notch, his personality alone is enough to ensure you will enjoy his presence at any given moment along the way. We are proud and happy to call him our friend, and cannot thank him enough for his indispensable help on our wedding day."

Ethan Vidal & Joanna Diamond
Married June 2016

Owings Mills, MD

Vintage Light Balls

"Choosing Dan to officiate our ceremony was the second best wedding-related decision I made (reserving number one for my choice of spouse).


I knew he had a talent for weaving a balance of humor, gravitas, warmth and sincerity, so I had no doubt that the words he chose and how he would deliver them would be meaningful and memorable. What I didn't expect was how well he would help focus us as a couple to think about what we wanted out of the ceremony and our lives so that he could help us express that to our guests and each other in a way that felt both personal and polished.


I underestimated how foggy my brain would be in the weeks leading up to the wedding and Dan did a great job of help us get back to the real heart of what the day was about. On the day of the ceremony, he was great about jumping in to be part of the day - helping us iron out last minute details and even taking a quick mid-ceremony intermission when the flower girl had to go to the potty. Thank you, Dan!"

Sandra Telep & Jess Burgan
Married June 2017

Philadelphia, PA


“Our wedding ceremony was incredibly important to us; we wanted it to reflect who we are as individuals and the love we have built together. I think that's everyone wants really, but we wanted to make sure the person who would be helping us say that in front of our friends and family understood us, not just to stand there and help but to have an appreciation for what we are together. Dan went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable with every word, every aspect, every single detail. The ceremony was intimate and personal. I have never felt more surrounded by love and acceptance. I've had guests calling me for weeks saying how it was the most beautiful ceremony they had ever attended, not for just the venue or the food, but the words, the environment of love that Dan helped create with our ceremony, it was palpable. From start to finish, Dan engaged our guests and made them feel welcome and included. 

We had quite a rocky road in the wedding planning portion of our journey, our venue closed and we had to start planning again from the beginning, and Dan was nothing but understanding and flexible. I cannot put a dollar amount on how important that was for us, to have a team of amazing people, including Dan, who were there to help in any way possible. We are so grateful to have him be such an important part of our day, and for our memories for the rest of our lives.”

Azureé & Rebecca Harrison
Married February 2014

Mitchelleville, MD


"We have been in love and committed to each other for 10 years. We have enjoyed a happy life together and endured living apart due to our careers (one military, one civilian). We had to wait for the the military to abolish Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and for DOMA to be declared unconstitutional to consider marriage. When we decided to do it we were blessed to find our way to Dan. 

Dan listened to each of our our visions and guided us to design a ceremony that met both our needs as individuals and as a couple. We wanted an intimate and spiritual ceremony with our closest friends and Dan helped us design it and lead us lovingly through it. It was a blessed day for us and our closest friends. We were able to tell each other how we feel about each other in a sacred space and reaffirm our love and commitment once again, this time for the world to accept."

Luis & Jim Troche-Coker
Married November 2013

Washington, D.C.


“Dan, words cannot express how grateful we are for you making our wedding day so special and memorable. You were incredible throughout the entire experience. You were patient, thoughtful, very knowledgeable, and kind. You answered all questions and concerns we had, kept us engaged throughout the process, and recommended the most beautiful location. You made our intimate wedding just as special and grand as a wedding with hundreds of guests. You crafted a beautiful ceremony, took amazing pictures for us, made us laugh, and overall made our wedding a day one we will never forget. We cannot picture our day with anyone else but you and will forever be thankful. ”

Dakerri Barber-Rhone & Sondra Barber
Married September 2012

Meridian Hill Park, Washington, D.C.

“Dan provided us exactly what we were looking for in our ceremony. Michael and I had been together for 23 years, and we were interested in a traditional civil ceremony that was both dignified and, at the same time, personal. That was exactly what we got. Dan offered us a variety of options insofar as readings and vows that provided the perfect structure for the wedding. Dan was always accessible to us in the planning stages, and promptly responded to all our questions with whatever information we requested of him. During the wedding itself, his demeanor was suitably formal and his presentation was altogether polished.


I would also add that we live in North Carolina, but the wedding was in DC. Michael and I had limited opportunities to go back and forth to complete preparations for the wedding. As our agent, Dan was able to acquire and file all of the necessary legal paperwork required in procuring the marriage license. That service saved me a considerable amount of time and money. 


After the wedding, my oldest friend told me that he had always been able to state that he never cried at weddings or funerals, but that after my wedding, he was no longer able to say that was the case. I believe the event was quite moving, and I attribute much of its success to Dan. I recommend Dan without reservation.”

Terrence McGovern & Michael Carter
Married October 2013

Washington, D.C.

Vintage Light Balls

“We want to thank you for all of your efforts in drafting our ceremony. We always knew that we wanted the ceremony itself to be the centerpiece of our wedding, and it definitely was. There were many details about the day, on which we had spent a lot of time, that we did not even notice in the moment, but we both heard each and every word that you said. Talk at dinner was of little else, actually. Our friends and families were awed, not only by the content, but by your delivery. It was a unique and wonderful experience for everyone who attended. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, from our initial meeting to the various iterations of the text to the closing moments of the ceremony. It was a deeply meaningful experience, which, in the end, delivered everything that we hoped for.”

Charles Webb & Ilan Guedj
Married September 2011

Lenox, MA


“While the flowers were lovely, food delicious, and music perfect, what made our wedding day magical was Dan Furmansky and the remarkably “meaningful day” he helped us create. The ceremony celebrated both our 30 year relationship and our future lives as a married couple. By intertwining the past, present, and future with his eloquent words, he created the perfect ceremony.  

Our day was amazing, in part, because Dan helped make it so. From our first meeting with him and his thoughtful questions and ideas, he guided and navigated us through the preparation (and through all the pre-wedding jitters and concerns) in a calm and loving way. He listened to what we envisioned and offered creative ideas for our ceremony which included elements that related to each of us and both of us together.  

On our wedding day, did it rain? Yes. Were we nervous about things going wrong? Yes, but Dan’s reassuring presence and guidance led us through a ceremony steeped in the deep meaning and expressions of our love and was infused with the perfect amount of humor. The beauty, fun and meaning of the ceremony went well beyond our expectations and we were told by many friends and family that it was the most emotional ceremony they had ever attended. We can without reservation and with full hearts and tremendous love recommend Dan for his ability to create your Meaningful Day.”

Teresa Williams & Jo Deutsch
Married May 2013

Upper Marlboro, MD


“Dan Furmansky was instrumental in making our wedding the most special day of our lives. He took time to learn about our relationship, and created a ceremony which focused on the things which make us unique as human beings, and as a couple. He involved our guests and brought them into the ceremony, symbolically joining us into a family. At other weddings, people comment on the D.J., or the cake, or on how beautiful the flowers are. At our wedding, the guests raved about the ceremony. Simply put, the ceremony was the highlight of our event. When planning our wedding we made hundreds (it felt like thousands) of choices, from the food to the hairstyle, and everything in between. Dan was the best choice we made.”

Adam & Katie Corbin
Married September 2011

Madison, WI

Vintage Light Balls

“It is such a pleasure to know you and it was so special to have you here to officiate at Sarah and Jonathan's ceremony. You did a lovely job with the service. You caring words and your beautiful singing voice added so much to the ceremony. You helped us all to be centered and to take it all in with your reminders to take deep breaths and be present. Thank you for being playing such an important role in a very special day.”

Lisa Clark Jenks, Mother of the Bride
Wedding of Sarah Jenks & Jonathan Brajbord
Married June 2011

Sherborn, MA


“The day was everything we envisioned and SO much more. We felt very much grounded and surrounded by love - it was the most beautiful feeling and made our wedding day meaningful and truly ours. To share that with our family and friends was such a blessing. Thank you so much for this gift. We lost count of how many of our friends and family, young and old, came up to us and said how beautiful the ceremony was. My 70+ year old Uncle said it was the most beautiful ceremony he's ever been to. Both sets of parents can't stop talking about you and think you are just wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts. We are so happy that we found you.”

Julie Guerrero & Karen Zeman
Married September 2010

Branford, CT

Vintage Light Balls

“Thank you so much for everything. The ceremony was wonderful...touching, personal, funny, absolutely perfect! We are so happy you were a part of our wedding.”

Jessica Castellano & Joseph Del Guidice
Married May 2010

Hackettstown, NJ

Vintage Light Balls

“We were truly honored to have you perform the ceremony for us on Saturday and to be such an integral part of our wedding. Everything worked out perfectly. Thank you for doing the extras, too, like giving the champagne toast, making us laugh when we were nervous and being so supportive throughout the whole experience. We love the vows you provided - they even had most of the cafe wait staff in tears.”

Rick Buskey & Shawn McHugh
Married May 2010

Washington, D.C.

“Thank you so very much for the beautiful and heartfelt ceremony you crafted for our wedding. We are getting amazing feedback from friends and family, all of whom have commented on how beautiful and special the ceremony was. The words you chose and the sentiment that was clearly evident, really touched everyone. We both looked around during our wedding, and saw many people who were so overcome, they were crying. People told us it was one of the most beautiful ceremonies they had ever attended. Having you perform our ceremony was especially meaningful. We loved every minute of it, and are so thankful you could be part of our day.”

Tricia McCarthy & Kelly Collins
Married May 2010

Washington, D.C.


“Dan, you were wonderful! Thank you so much for marrying us...we will never forget you, your time and patience! The happiness you brought us is a lasting memory. Thank you again for making our day picture perfect.”

Laura Klug & Carrie Bush
Married April 2010

U.S. National Arboretum, Washington, D.C.

Vintage Light Balls

“Thank you so much for making our wedding day so meaningful and special! You had the perfect words and were the perfect fit. The day was wonderful in part because of you.”

Sherri Jackson & Jill Atherton
Married March 2010

Washington, D.C.

Vintage Light Balls

“We are pretty sure there is no way for us to say thank you enough for making our wedding the most amazing day of our lives. Your patience and thoughtful guidance through the process of preparing our wedding ceremony was exceptional. You helped us put our feelings for each other into beautiful words and meaningful promises, reminding us during the stress of wedding planning about the true purpose of our day. Your exuberance, charm, and sense of humor made the actual ceremony even better than we could have imagined. We were told by friends and family members that this was the most beautiful wedding they’d ever been to – and it couldn’t have been done without you. Thank you for leading us on this journey and for sharing with us the passionate and joyous person that you are.”

Aj Pearlman & Lisa Mottet
Married June 2009

Agoura, CA


“You truly helped us create the wedding of our dreams, and for that, we will always be grateful.”

Kathleen Planco & Nicole Waybright
Married October 2008

National Women’s Democratic Club, Washington, D.C.

Vintage Light Balls

“Working with Dan was an amazing and integral part of our wedding celebration. As we met and talked, Dan helped us to bring into focus what we love about each other, and how we could share that love with our friends and family through our wedding ceremony. All through the process, Dan was easy to work with and very supportive of our ideas. When the big day finally came, Dan was spectacular, infusing the ceremony with wisdom, humor, eloquence and grace. Thank you Dan, for making our wedding ceremony such a beautiful and spiritual event.”

Elizabeth Raniere Zimmerman & Karl Zimmermann
Married September 2006

Appalachian Trail, Sharon, CT

“Mr. Furmansky's style really captivated the attention of 140 guests at our daughter's wedding. Dan's focus on inviting all attendees to take part in this celebration of love also incorporated a tone of spirituality mixed with reality and humor. The entire ceremony was so personal to both Kathleen and Nicole, truly indicative of the time and dedication that were used in preparation for the wonderful event. Thanks to Dan Furmansky, this union and its words of love will remain a lasting memory in the minds and hearts of those who were fortunate to have witnessed it.”

Jean Planco

“Dan officiated at my daughter’s wedding and worked with the bride and groom to compose the vows that put their emotions into beautiful words. He was incredibly helpful at the rehearsal and made the wedding day itself feel truly sacred. The participants and guests all commented on what a wonderful wedding it was. As a single woman, should I choose to marry again, Dan will be at the top of my list!”

Theresa Raniere

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